The 2 major players in money laundering from Denmark:  Danske Bank and Nordea

Example of money laundering for small amounts in Denmark, ordered by heroin dealers:

Sydbank og hvidvaskning:

The cooperative housing association where I own a cooperative apartment and where 2 out of 3 apartments 
are sublet illegally.


The bank og the coopertive housing association Sydbank has unfortunately contributed to several offenses, such as the following:

1. When the two other members stole DKK 55,923 for private consumption, it was with the help of Sydbank that they paid the money to them. This even though I, 
as treasurer, was the only one authorized to withdraw money from the cooperative housing association's account.        

2. When the two other members were visiting Sydbank, to make one of them treasurer of the cooperative housing association, among others. by means of fictitiously held 
general meetings of the cooperative housing association. Sydbank accepted that a person who has nothing to do with the Cooperative Housing Association 
has signed that one of them was authorized as treasurer.


It is obviously Sydbank's policy that if 2/3 of the board of a cooperative housing association decides to steal all values ​​in the association, this must be legal, 
and that any member must be able to withdraw the entire association's assets, if only they can provide the correct account number. Power of attorney is not required.